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Sports Seasons

Softball Season (Block 2)
Volleyball Season (Block 3)
Basketball Season (Block 4-5)
Soccer Season (Block 6)

Student Athlete Program

Student Athlete: a student that is participating or has participated in Sierra High School’s organized athletic program and that maintains the 3 A’s (attendance, academics, and attitude).

Sierra High School offers four different sports seasons throughout the school year. These sports include softball (Block 2), volleyball (Block 3), basketball (Block 4/5), and soccer (Block 6). Prior to the beginning of each sports season, any student wishing to participate in the new season may sign-up for tryouts with the Athletics Coach. Fifth-year seniors are not eligible to play sports as their focus is graduation. Administration will review the sign-up list and approve students to tryout based on the following 3 A’s rubric and scoring criteria:

  0 1 2
Academics  I am passing less than 50% of my classes this block. I am passing 75% of my classes this block. I am passing 100% of my classes this block.  
Attendance I am attending less than 80% of my classes on time.
I am attending 85% of my classes on time.
I am attending 90% or more of my classes on time.
Attitude  I have received more than 1 office referral, a suspension, and/or an expulsions this block. I have received no more than 1 office referral, and have had no suspensions or expulsion this block.
I have received no office referrals, suspension, or expulsions this block.

Scoring: A maximum score of 6 requires the administrative team’s final approval. Scores ranging from 4-5 require the administration teams approval and may require conditions. Scores ranging from 0-3 will not be approved.

Eligible students will be permitted to tryout for the team. Tryouts will be held a couple weeks before the season begins. The athletic coach will make a selection of the students that made the team and notify the students. Before the season begins, counselors will make one final 3A’s check for each student using the rubric and scoring criteria above. Students that have remained eligible, will be automatically be enrolled in the PM Session and in the corresponding AM sports class.

These students are then designated as a “Student Athlete” and must continue to maintain their eligibility to play and/or go to games. All “Student Athletes” enrolled in a sports class will receive grade check forms the first school day of each week that are due the following day. It is the “Student Athlete’s” responsibility to complete the form and turn them in on time. The students’ attendance and grade check form determines the students’ weekly eligibility to play and/or go to games.

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