The 3 A's


Passing each and every class the first time.


Being present every day and on time to every class.


Maintains a positive demeanor and is free of behavioral incidents.

3A's Criteria

For consistent, objective, fair, and equitable practices, the administrative team utilizes a 3A's rubric system when making decisions including but not limited to session changes, 5th-Year Senior contracts, field trips, and athletics. Below is the 3A's rubric and scoring criteria:

  0 1
Academics   I am passing less than 75% of my classes this block. I am passing 75% or more of my classes this block.
I am attending less than 80% of my classes on time.  I am attending 80% or more of my classes on time.
Attitude I have received an office referral, suspension, and/or been recommended for expulsion this block. I have received no office referrals, suspensions, or recommendation for expulsion this block.

Score 3: Requires admin team's final approval
Score 2: Requires admin team's consideration and may require special conditions
Score 0-1: Not Approved

Note: Special circumstances will be reviewed by the administration team and any other appropriate personnel.

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