The 3 A's


Passing each and every class the first time.


Being present every day and on time to every class.


Maintains a positive demeanor and is free of behavioral incidents.

3A's Criteria

For consistent, objective, fair, and equitable practices, the administrative team utilizes a 3A's rubric system when making decisions including but not limited to session changes, 5th-Year Senior contracts, and athletics. Below is the 3A's rubric and scoring criteria:

  0 1 2
Academics   I am passing less than 50% of my classes this block. I am passing 75% of my classes this block. I am passing 100% of my classes this block.
I am attending less than 80% of my classes on time.  I am attending 85% of my classes on time.
 I am attending 90% of my classes on time.
Attitude  I have received more than 1 office referral, a suspension, and/or an expulsion this block. I have received no more than 1 office referral, and have no suspensions or expulsions this block. I have received no office referrals, suspensions, or expulsions this block.

Score 6: Requires admin team's final approval
Score 4-5: Requires admin team's consideration and conditions
Score 0-3: Not Approved

Note: Special circumstances will be reviewed by the administration team and any other appropriate personnel.

Session Change
After enrolling at Sierra High School, students have the right to petition the administration for a session change. Session changes may be granted at the beginning of each block. Please note that work, probation, drug classes, insight classes, transportation, child care, etc., are not mandates for session changes. Earning a diploma should be the number one focus of all our students. Acceptance of the petition for a session change is based on the 3A's rubric above.

The administration reserves the right to deny any petition for a session change, regardless of the reason. If a session change is granted and the student regresses at any point thereafter from the scoring criteria listed above, or fails to meet any conditions that were applied toward the session change, the student will be moved back to his/her original session immediately. 

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